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SAP® and IT: it's our DNA.

Xbow Group has unmatched functional and technical SAP® resources, project management, methodologies, and innovative solutions to any challenge.

Who we are

Xbow Group has some of the finest minds in the IT industry. We are a business and technology service company developing business need IT Solutions.

Our team follows a style that generates measurable Return on Investment for our customers. We understand that leading companies worldwide need to maintain and stay ahead, and by reducing time to market, we reduce costs, and provide high solutions that are reliable and innovative.

At Xbow Group, SAP® Technology is one of our passions. Xbow Group’s consultants are highly skilled in implementing and enhancing SAP® Solutions and dedicated to deliver best-in-class software services across a wide spectrum of domains. We will make sure your offices around the globe take full advantage of the features and benefits of SAP® software.

Vision and mission

Xbow Group employees must demonstrate awareness and respect for individual, cultural and organizational differences within the firm and in clients’ organizations: Respect leads to understanding; understanding leads to better communication; better communication leads to better results.

Ecstatic Customers
Xbow Group’s long-term growth and success depends upon the satisfaction of our customers. Since our founding, Xbow Group has been known for sticking to our commitments to customers, demonstrating stamina and poise to reach objectives we have set, and for focusing on objectives and deliverables until they are realized. It is this commitment and customer focus that drives us and we make no exceptions.

Our values

Whether they are working with customers or fellow employees, all Xbow Group employees are encouraged to be the best in everything they do. We recognize top performers and encourage others to emulate the effort and dedication required to be the best on a daily basis. Everyday, we use our industry insight, technological vision and innovative thinking to produce fresh perspectives on our customers’ businesses.

Work Hard, Play Hard
At Xbow Group we encourage a proper work life balance, respect the commitment of others to external activities and interests, and facilitate a good balance for ourselves and others. This kind of work life balance is essential to our culture and to our employees remaining productive and energized.

Why Xbow Group?

At Xbow Group, we implement the technology that enables today’s leading organizations to recruit, retain and develop, pay and administer, manage, and report on their most valuable asset… their people.

When implementing SAP® HR technologies, you need a partner that brings more than just templates, ideas, or related experiences. You need a partner with genuine HR expertise, a partner focused exclusively on SAP®, a partner who brings industry best practices to your implementation, a partner with a full-time employee model, a partner flexible enough to accommodate your business needs… in short, you need a partner like Xbow Group.

Human resources is the only SAP® module where specialty firms such as Xbow Group exist to implement the solution. Human resources require specialized skill sets, such as a deep understanding of functional processes, legal ramifications and compliances. We like to remind our clients that unlike other modules of SAP® where small glitches can go week after week before being remedied, in HR every employee becomes an auditor!

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service, the highest ethical treatment, and the most flexible engagement models of any consulting organization. We look forward to earning your business.

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